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Thread: The Most Ridiculous Dogma of ALL- the 'Trinity'

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneZ View Post
    As far as suggesting it, or commanding it, it did not enter His mind to0 do so. Its Jewish way of thinking... (I am Jewish)
    Jewish or not, you interpret the verse that way because of your belief that God has absolute foreknowledge of everything, and also your misunderstanding of what "taketh away the sin of the world" (John 1:29) means.

    If God did not know all things about you, thousands of years ago? You will die in your sins. For He had to pay for every sin you will ever commit before you can be allowed access to Heaven.
    See? You believe that from before the foundation of the world God had a record of every sin that would ever be committed by every human being that would ever exist, and that God poured all those sins on Jesus Christ, and Jesus "became sin", which is why you believe God forsook Jesus Christ while he was on the cross.

    Jesus did not "become sin", he became a sin offering. A man cannot become sin. If you're interested:

    I hope you don't mind if I do not respond to your customary insult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theQuestion View Post
    Goofiplanation #175- Brainless Conclusions from no research.

    "And because THERE IS NO OTHER GOD THAN ONE,then the Mighty GOD of ISA 9:6 IS the SAME MIGHTY GOD of ISA 10:20,21."- Tick, Topics

    Only thinkers check the Hebrew- quickly discovering that "mighty GOD" was a very poor rendering (the NWT has it, too).
    For the phrase "el gibbur" means "Mighty, Godlike Warrior"- and is used of Jehovah (as Tick noted), as well as the one God would send many centuries LATER as a Mighty Warrior (Christ,
    who will show his prowess in God's Day of Fury), King David- and other valiant warriors God empowered in battle.

    So NO- God is not a Prince. He didn't provide Himself- or ONE of Themselves.
    He provided, sent His only begotten son, who as many others is referred to by God as a Mighty, Godlike Warrior!
    El gibor as we have it in the Masoretic text are two nouns, however, in the DSS Elgibor is two nouns put together to make one word.

    I speak, read, and translate Hebrew. If "mighty" is the translation from "GIBOR" then we have translated a noun into an adjective, that is sloppy in my opinion. God [is] a warrior would be a better rendering.

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