When I have read Hare Krishna books I came to some conclusions that might be useful for others too?:
First I must warn you that there are millions of Gods in India and that is one reason why I may be wrong when trying to make
things that can not be very clear more clear.

Disciple chain or Pampara according to my opinion goes not from the past to the future but from FUTURE TO THE PAST!

Brahma 2700 AD
Narada 2400 AD
Vy-ISA-deva 2100 AD ( = Prophet ISA????)
Madhvacarya 2000 AD ( = Iman Mahdi???)
Some incarnation of Visnu 1800 AD (Govinda?? or Varaha)
Sri Caitanya Mahabraphu 1500 AD

So the first living being that is Lord Brahma will be created or transformed into starter of Pampara perhaps about year 2700 AD.
Then the message of this religion is given down to the past as far as to the 1500 century.

And like I earlier wrote this world we are living in will be created in the future not in the past.