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Thread: Justice. Important or unimportant?

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    I personally think the Ebionites (gone since 400 AD) were the most accurate followers of Jesus.

    Gosp of Mark is the most accurate work WRT to the man Jesus.

    "Q" and/or other works might have offered more.............but they are lost today sadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaffo View Post
    thanks for reply John.

    same here -though atheist - i value some of the works in the OT and NT and think the man Jesus must have been exceptional in his views (to still be know to us today). I view him as one like Ghandi.

    I think he was an Essene myself.


    off topic - but you like your views on.

    what books of the bible do you like and what do you not and why so for both?

    --------- you know the ones i like from my prior posts but will restate if you do not know and wish to know.
    I don't dislike any of the books but I do dislike what they do to people. Take revelations and what it does to people in the end times section of this forum. It's an interesting read but I think it is pure fantasy and doesn't belong in the bible.

    My favourites would be the 4 gospels although in reality there is probably only 2, I wouldn't mind betting that Matthew, Mark and Luke are slightly reworded versions of the one work. There are some very good points in there such as treating others how you would wish to be treated. The world would be a great place if we could all do that.
    And the officer said, "better get a lawyer son, better get a real good one".

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewDuvall View Post
    I wouldn't be so concerned about justice if I were you .
    Why NOT be concerned about justice?

    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewDuvall View Post
    You're going to know all about that when you stand before the One who will be metering it out on the unbelieving .
    And whom, pray tell, will be meting out this 'justice?' Wouldn't you be surprised to discover it is Baldr who is doing the honors.

    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewDuvall View Post
    Oh,,,btw,,,,,no changing your mind or repenting of your miserable sins.
    Why not repent and change your ways once you have been given a fair and honest hearing? Oh wait, I know, you're basing all this on Hebrews 9:27 KJV, "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:" Ooops, that isn't accurate for everyone is it? Nope. There are plenty of examples of people who died in the bible who were resurrected before being judged.

    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewDuvall View Post
    Mine were judged at the cross of Christ while you are still IN YOURS ............m
    Weren't all sins 'judged at the cross?' Why would anyone remain in sin if Jesus died to redeem people from sin? That makes no sense. Even the high priest, Caiaphas recognized this (See: John 11:49,50; 18:13,14)

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