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Thread: Does Darkness Mean Gravity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip2 View Post
    If darkness is gravity, is light anti-gravity?

    Blackholes are black (no light can be given from them since gravity exceeds light's escape velocity) and kings of Gravity.

    and Light (photons) can produce pressure upon matter in extreme environments (super nova events).

    so ya.

    Dark Energy (force that drives the expansion of space) is the primary "anti gravity" however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolidad View Post
    Well we have gravity and it is a weak nuclear force

    Gravity is not part of the Weak Force.

    Atoms have the Strong Force and the Weak force....these two forces keep atoms in one piece - then either fails we have nuclear decay (radioactivity).............not related to Gravity at all.

    neither are related to Gravity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolidad View Post
    The firmament (depending on context) means either the atmosphere or the heavens

    as for gravity relativity defines it not so much as a force but as a consequence of the curvature of space/time and the "lumpiness of the universe
    actually vise versa.

    Gravity is a force that curves space/time.

    ........near Black Holes, space itself "falls" into the singularity fast than light itself. i,e, the "Velocity of space exceeds the fastest velocity possible through space.

    nothing can move through space faster (matter cannot move at - only infinately near the speed of light) than light.

    however in extreme environments space itself can and does exceed the speed of light.

    thus why light which might be travelling out from a black hole will never "Get out" sence the space it is travelling out from is falling into the BH faster than the light trying to leave!

    ya freaky, but that is what physics tells us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inach Marbank View Post
    Maybe it is 96% they came up with...

    I'm thinking, if you need to hypothesize a whole new substance to account for almost absolutely all your theory of gravity, then perhaps your theory is off...
    ya. its "off" way off IMO.

    Relativity answers much - nearly all concerning Blackholes to a point (to its event horizion) - doe not offer anything about what is inside the EH nor the singularity.

    Quantum Mechanics offers other answers conserning atomic behavior.

    Neutonian physics offers answers to the mundane movements of planets/stars.

    all 3 do not answer the remaining unknowns - whichi is much.

    we are still striving for the Unified Theory..........and of the 4 forces (5? if you include DE)............3 place "nice" (electro-mag/strng force/weak force........and conform to QM)..............Gravity remains the outlier.

    we still do not know what Gravity is, and it does not fit into the rest of physics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inach Marbank View Post
    So the firmament is almost all just nitrogen and oxygen?

    and 1-percent Krypton

    Quote Originally Posted by Inach Marbank View Post
    I have no idea what the curvature of space and time means. Can you help me understand this?
    Gravity (a force) curves space and slows time (it does both) - the stronger the gravity the more curved space and the slower time.

    the effects are measurable but minute in nearly all instances. only in extreme environments do both curvature and time become effected to extremes.

    case in point - Black holes, where gravity distorts space so much that that space itself "folds into itself" - and literally out of our universe. time within that folded space slows too..........alot. but not infinately since Gravity of the singularity still effects our universe (if time "stopped" then Gravity from the singularity of the BH would not have the ability to cause an effect in our universe).

    ....but time slow to near infinate. case in point if you shot yourself into a black hole, by the time you got there our universe would have burned itself out (20 billion yrs +). fro our perspective your spacship would go slower and slower..........1000 yr later from our perspective you would be -pecent closer................million yrs later 2 percent..............100 million yr late 3 percent..............etc..............(per your perspective it would be like 4 or 5 seconds lol).

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