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  1. The true history of slavery in Arab
  2. Bertrum Russel

    "What science cannot tell us, mankind cannot know."

    Sir Peter Medawar in "Advise to a Young Scientist"

    "There is no quicker way for a scientist to bring discredit upon himself or herself and upon their profession than wrongly to declare that science knows or soon will know the answer to all questions. And the questions which do admit a scientific answer are in some way nonquestions. It is so obvious there is a limit to science. Its made clear by its inability to answer childlike elementary questions having to do with first and last things. How did everything begin? What are we all here for? What is the point of living?"
  3. Need to check the quotes before I post this. The Science Journal 2005

    PhD Michael Ruse is not a Christian at all. He thinks creationism silly at the least. But he wrote that evolutionism is not just a scientific endorsement of evolution. It consists of "the whole metaphysical or ideological picture on or around evolution." As such it constitues "a secular religion." I am not alone in calling evolution a religion, as insulting as that thought is to some.

    "Ruse takes the position that it is possible to reconcile the Christian faith with evolutionary theory."

    I agree with that one.
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    I hope you had a wonderfully blessed trip. Welcome back my friend
  5. Well, I am glad you read it because you were the one I was answering. It is still what I think but maybe sometimes I go too far. I have a particular dislike for Calvinism and the behavour that theology has spawned over the centuries. But I know there are some fine Calvinists out there who are so despite the fact that they need not be so. I was afraid I was offending 'em. Glad you read it.
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    If you believe you shouldn't then that's fine. Perhaps it's time for a new thread.
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    Why did you delete your post? Luckily I read it when I did and still have a copy. It was a good post with compassion instead of tedious conversion.
  8. thank you for your response to my post, it was encouraging. i feel confident in being able to know the God i serve sacrificed his son for all. i completely agree that God draws us to salvation through his spirit and we have a small part to respond in faith and repent of our sin.

    thanks again.
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    Hi Dottie

    I got your message. Thanks. Being a Quaker, I do believe in peace and compassion. Waive however, gives every bit the impression of just killing time by causing chaos. Personally, I don't think I have anything to learn from the boy

    Thanks Dottie!
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    Hi Dottie

    I don't know about you, but the more time and effort you give to WaiveForm online, the worse he gets. He's out to get as many recruits to his 'cause'(????...whatever that is..), so to speak. I may have Quaker tendencies, but I personally don't believe in wasting time on fools like this boy

    just my thoughts
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Does 'Might make Right?'

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The Tetragrammaton: How important is it to a Follower of Christ?

by Dottie on 08-17-2015 at 01:12 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Dottie View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Dartman View Post
The truly mind boggling aspect of this discussion is, ALL this resistance is due to a refusal to accept YHVH God as a literal being, with a unique name. The Scriptures, both OT and NT, are written from this perspective, and every single Biblical explanation of God is from this perspective.

Reality reaffirms this perspective.

The ONLY source of ANY theories to the contrary is fiction, or ..... you know who.
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As you said several posts back MM501, this conversation

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The attraction of universalism

by Dottie on 08-03-2014 at 05:21 AM
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I have been thinking about the position of universalism. Why does this appeal to people? The theory assures the adherents that no person will ever suffer the torments of hell. All will be saved whether they like it or not. Now I am pretty sure that none of these would insist that all need to be vaccinated whether they like it or not. They will also probably protest if it was decided all will be kept away from illegal drugs whether they like it or not so all will be heavily monitored so as to

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God doesn't command a man to love Him (God) with all his mind when it's not possible

by Dottie on 07-22-2014 at 11:43 AM
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Quote Originally Posted by MatthewDuvall View Post
You cannot love God with your mind.
MY very dear Matthew Duvall. I cannot express how this moves me. God has commanded us that we love Him with our minds. "Love the Lord your God with ALL OF YOUR MIND, no less. It is Calvinism that prevents you personally from doing so and I am deeply desirous that my brethren see this. It is Calvinism that blinds the mind because it assumes God is cruelly choosing some and not others. When God commands a man to love Him with all the mind, the man CAN

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The Nature of the True God

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