The attraction of universalism

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I have been thinking about the position of universalism. Why does this appeal to people? The theory assures the adherents that no person will ever suffer the torments of hell. All will be saved whether they like it or not. Now I am pretty sure that none of these would insist that all need to be vaccinated whether they like it or not. They will also probably protest if it was decided all will be kept away from illegal drugs whether they like it or not so all will be heavily monitored so as to prevent this mistake. I can, of course, go on and on about things people freely do that are bad for them and these universalists would probably protest along with everyone else if the powers that be decided to force people to only do what is good for them, no other way possible. They would call it tyranny and it is.

But when it comes to Heaven, then tyranny is welcome. Why? I wonder if this is because these do not trust in the justice of God. They are afraid that God will not be just and so invent a theology so that God has no decision in the matter at all. There is no judgement, it is taken out of His hands by this theology. (IF everyone goes to Heaven then there is no division between behavior on earth and thus, no judgement.)

OR they think God just might render justice and cannot stand the possibility that they themselves might have to undergo feeling sorry for those who chose to reject Him and therefore go to hell. Those who reject God hold them hostage and so to avoid feeling anything sad, they open the gates of heaven to admit hell. Better heaven be ruined or man robotized than one soul suffer, particularly themselves. The sadness that God endures at the rejection of men is not going to disturb them so they invented a convenient theology. This too, is born of unbelief.

So I think the whole of the theology is rooted in deep unbelief in the goodness of God. God is either rendered unable to distinguish good from evil behavior and all receive the same destiny or bad men are forced to be good whether they like it or not. I do not think this springs from a love of all men. (I am sure following them around for 24 hours reveals that one.) But because the thought of the pain those who chose evil will endure frightens them and they, themselves, do not want anything to do with the sorrow God experiences at that choice. They do not trust God that he can heal any such feelings but have taken the matter into their own hands.

I myself think that there is hell and God renders judgement to a man according to the deeds of his life. I think that the joy men had at seeing the judgements of Solomon will be nothing as compared to the justice God demonstrated in his judgements. But this comes from trusting the character of God implicitly. I do not need a theology that shields me from what the Bible clearly says. I know God is good, kind, merciful and just and knows when to apply what to the situation. I think we will see the situation as God does already and any pain we experience, he can heal. I am not afraid of knowing the fellowship of His sufferings.

This is the difference between faith and unbelief. Unbelief requires assurances of the outcome. Faith requires assurances of the character of the God influencing the outcome. Once that character is known, no further assurances are required.