God doesn't command a man to love Him (God) with all his mind when it's not possible

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You cannot love God with your mind.
MY very dear Matthew Duvall. I cannot express how this moves me. God has commanded us that we love Him with our minds. "Love the Lord your God with ALL OF YOUR MIND, no less. It is Calvinism that prevents you personally from doing so and I am deeply desirous that my brethren see this. It is Calvinism that blinds the mind because it assumes God is cruelly choosing some and not others. When God commands a man to love Him with all the mind, the man CAN do so. I love God with my mind (not sure if I can claim all of it) and I understand the ways of God as He has explained them to me. I started this thread to tantalize some Calvinists who desire greatly to know Godů..who long with all their being to know Himů.to understand Him but do not. You can! You can know God! You can understand God! But you cannot do so as a Calvinist. IT is impossible. You see, those who would come to Him must believe that He is a rewarder of those who seek HIm, not a rewarder of those He chose sovereignly. God is just. One must believe this.
That is the weakest part of your redemptive witness. You love God with your heart because it is the only part of you that God chose to draw you to Himself with.
No, the difference is when He said to me, Seek My face, my heart said to Him, Thy Face will I seek. ANd I fanned the flame of that desire until it has become the biggest thing in my life. I chose it. I pursued Him. I am not talking about redemption. I am talking about knowing God.
But keep this in mind. It wasn't you who made that decision to love God. " We love Him,because He first loved us." 1st.Jn.4:19
We were not capable of loving God because we ,before conversion, COULD NOT love God. Matt
We are not talking about repentance of dead works for forgiveness. We are talking the passion of wanting to KNOW Him, and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. Salvation is long ago in the past. Now it is God HImself I seek.

I have said this before and I say it again. If there were no Heaven, no salvation, no afterlife, I would pursue Him just the same. I do not seek the gift anymore. I seek the Giver. He is better than the Gift. Were He to say there is no gift, I would still seek the Giver all the same.