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  1. I just read about something called Cliometrics a very interesting way of looking at economic history google it and discover it if you haven't already.
  2. Did you see that video called Confessions of a republican from the 64 Johnson/Goldwater campaign for some reason no one has said a thing about it.
  3. In this age of GPS, there is a newly discovered canyon here in my state, Oregon. Its called Valhalla and this is a "slot canyon" not on any map. A public broadcasting crew filled with expert climbers and safety people went down into this canyon and documented what they saw. It was recently discovered by a pilot helping to put out a forest fire.
  4. I was just going over some of my old favorite movies and was reminded of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    There is a scene at the base of Devil's Postpile with about 8 people being held in a helicopter waiting to take off. The army has told them the area is filled with nerve gas and they all have their gas masks on. Richard Drefus' character knows there is no gas, not only does he take off his mask, but convinces four others to also and they run.

    Each of these people have been invited to the event by the aliens but it is impossible to convince the army of that.

    The action of those people who take off their masks and run is a commercial/social example of what faith is all about. Taking action based upon something you are completely convinced of and risking everything.

    This is my favorite scene in the whole movie.
  5. I have, over the time I have been in this forum, recommended as a source for some of my opinions. It is written in a highly academic manner with long references and lots of long and complex reasonings. I would suggest that most of our more conservative friends might find it beyond their ability to understand. So far none of the others in this forum has said a single thing about it as though they didn't want to bother reading it.

    Could you give it a look and offer me your opinion. There are many different topics to chose and a biopic of the author. Is it too academic? Too many long words? Is it something that you could also use?
  6. Sending friend request.

    Have you listened to a singer named Rich Mullins? He is now deceased but his work is all on Youtube.
    check out this file
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