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  1. I'm thinking I'm going to take my leave of this place. I find it is over populated by Apostates, unrepentant homosexuals and their defenders, and the godless who troll here in order to mock Christ, the scriptures, and bring evil to our eyes in the reading of their contamination.

    Maybe this is a microcosm of the world to come given those disciples of the lord of this earth are agenda driven. Some even organized in groups that boast as much. FFRF - Freedom From Religion Foundation - Communist and anti-religious in their purpose. And GLAAD, and the whole of the LGBTQ perverse satanic activist community.

  2. God save us from the darkness. While we who are in Christ have a choice to depart the gates of the Hell they hope to create on-line. God be with you sister as you battle the dragon and his disciples here.
    What they think they have achieved in bringing their darkness to this site shall be repented a thousand fold for eternity and too late in the pit of Hell.
    Pray for their salvation before it is too late.
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